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Limb: Gift Of The Sun, Ltd Edition 7" EP

Image of Limb: Gift Of The Sun, Ltd Edition 7" EP


Limb are a super sludgy filthy riff - laden stoner outfit from London. The band shares the groove-based approach of bands like Weedeater, Goatsnake and Acid King, mashed with a mighty thump of Melvins bottom end.
The lead track on this 7” EP, ‘Gift of the Sun’ is a prime example of Limb’s sound: swinging shit - kicking NOLA fuelled sludge, roaring vocals from hell and a pounding rhythm section.
The B side features 2 two more slabs of meanness ‘Dead Voice’ and ‘Quiet Earth’ both are equally as thick and grimy.
The three tracks on this debut NHS release are dark, demonic, crushingly dense and joyously insane.
The ‘Gift Of The Sun’ 7" EP is strictly limited to 250 copies only.
It comes in orange coloured vinyl with a poster sleeve and NHS house bag. Each copy will include a free download of the whole shebang, plus a free and exclusive bonus track download ‘Into The Slave Nebula’.
You will not want to miss this.

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